• Cosmoprof Academy

    Cosmoprof Academy provides quality training courses to aspiring makeup artists and beauty professionals. Big photos and magazine-like editorial layout was the inspiration behind the designs.
  • Images of Practice

    Images of Practice is a web documentation of teaching practices in the arts within Singapore schools that examines how arts educators define and enact ‘teaching’ in the arts.
  • The Wedding Bureau

    The Wedding Bureau is Singapore's leading wedding portal and blog for the modern and style-savvy couples.
  • Purtier

    Purtier Placenta is a live cell therapy that contains live stem cells extracted from deer placenta. It needed a brochure website to showcase the many benefits it can provide and the science behind it's creation.
  • National Institute of Education

    National Institute of Education (NIE) is an integral part of the educational service in Singapore providing teacher education and educational research. My task was to update their existing website's architecture by using feedback from questionnaires. Keeping within their brand guidelines, I also proposed an updated look and feel to strengthen their online presence and brand image as Singapore's national teacher training institute.
  • First Birthday

    First Birthday is a birthday card for one year olds. Based on a popular Chinese tradition, the first birthday of a baby is a special occasion. Usually parents will show various toys that represents certain occupation in front of their baby. Whichever toy that the baby chooses to play with will be an indication of the baby's future career. When the card is flipped through, an illustration of a baby is juxtaposed with symbolic illustrations that each represents various career paths. As it nears the end, a corny yet surprising message is presented.
  • Dayre

    Dayre is a mobile blogging app that allows user to microblog using photos, videos, location check-ins and stickers.